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Overtec Attika Roof Border - Concreted

on Brick walls, Concrete Walls, Ceiling Formwork, Sand-Lime Bricks or Concrete Shells


Overtec Attika concreted

A single-shell flat roof finish that is concreted together with the concrete ceiling.

Overtec, as a concrete-encased variant, is placed on the masonry or ceiling formwork and also serves as ceiling edge formwork. This means that several steps are combined into just a few. As a rule, the elements have to be moved by hand with two people.



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EPD Certified

The overtec
Object statics for the Attika.

Location-specific for your project and every Attika installation situation.

The overtec parapet set in concrete is the original on the market and is produced in Austria. The OneBit screw was developed by overtec to suit the system. This is optimized and approved for the panel material according to EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Likewise, only one bit is required for construction, which is on top of each screw box. The elements are connected with an alignment system that can accommodate panel expansion. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized on all sides and rust-proof. The life cycle of an overtec is also recorded in the environmental declaration EPD and can be issued for your project. Our languageless installation instructions and videos support quick, safe and professional installation, without any prior knowledge


Everything is easy to begin with: the first steps when moving to, for example: in-situ concrete formwork

Betonwand BW

60sec Video

Kalksandstein KS

60sec Video

Ziegelmauer ZM

60sec Video

Deckenschalung DS

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See how an Attika roof border is constructed.

Follow every step of the process step by step.

With our configurator you can display all structures on a roof border step-by-step. First, an attic is built on a brick wall, concrete wall or sand-lime brick wall. Then add the concrete ceiling and pull the vapor barrier up to the cover plate. The insulation on the flat roof is attached in a further step. With a warm roof, the attic seal is positioned over the insulation. The parapet insulation can be installed either before or after the parapet cladding. Finally, plastering is carried out and a gravel covering is applied to the flat roof. With just a few clicks you can now request a guide price.

Our Attika has the most minimal handle.

Convince yourself of the few work steps.

Sehen Sie hier ein aufschlussreiches Projektbeispiel

Advantages of co-concreting Attika:

The attic is an important part of every flat roof construction and is being used more and more frequently in Germany. The attic is placed on the existing masonry, which can be made of various materials such as concrete, brick or sand-lime brick. Holes for flat roof emergency drainage can be made on the inside of the attic to ensure effective drainage of the flat roof. To insulate the attic, the ETICS is attached to the outside. The raw material of the parapet is weather-resistant and can remain open until the flat roof structure is finished. The parapet sheet metal ensures a clean and aesthetic covering of the construction and at the same time offers protection from the weather. There is no need to insulate the inside as the attic itself serves as an insulating layer.

The Attika on the Flat Roof to be Concreted.

The parapet on the flat roof is an Austrian original that is type-tested for the German market. It offers improved performance and reliability, not least because of the OneBit screw from overtec developed specifically for this system. This screw is matched to the plate material according to EN13986:2004+A1:2015 and approved using ETA-22/0221. Installing the parapet on the flat roof requires only a single bit, which is included in each screw box. The elements are connected with a unique alignment system that can accommodate movement caused by moisture expansion. All steel parts are hot-dip galvanized all around and protected from rust. overtec's environmental life cycle is recorded in the environmental declaration EPD and can be made available for your project. Our installation instructions and videos are user-friendly and support quick, safe and professional installation, regardless of the technician's language skills.