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overtec GmbH – Zentrale

Salzburger Straße 101‭, 4800 Attnang-Puchheim

Build Green: Revolutionize Construction with Sustainable Parapets (by Overtec).

Reduce environmental impact, save time & money, and elevate your designs. Watch the video to discover the difference.

The Unsustainable Reality

Problem & Solution:

Introducing Overtec's Sustainable Solution

  • 67% CO2 reduction compared to concrete.
  • Sustainable materials and space-saving design.
  • Faster installation and cost savings.

Interactive Experience:

    • CO2 emissions reduction
    • Construction time
    • Cost savings
    • Material usage

Benefits for Architects:

Your Opportunity to Lead:

    • Improved Efficiency: Highlight faster construction times, reduced labor costs, and streamlined project management.
    • Award-Winning Design: Display projects featuring Overtec that have won prestigious architectural awards.
    • Competitive Advantage: Position Overtec as a differentiator, attracting eco-conscious clients and future-proofing their practice.

Benefits for Architects:

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