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overtec GmbH – headquarters

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overtec Brüstung 5 mit Unterüberstand

Should an optical line be drawn through? overtec with sub-overhang
usually serves a visual purpose. For example if an optical
Line through a row of windows on the floor below in one
The arcade should be moved further. overtec with sub-overhang is on
Easiest to produce as a screw-on version.

overtec Brüstung 4 mit Unterüberstand

Should weather protection be provided? Overtec with a sub-overhang is particularly suitable in the arcade area because it provides increased weather protection for the residents. Just a few centimeters of overhang can be enough to keep the door mat in front of the front door dry. If the overhang accounts for a substantial portion of the panel height, the upright is often supplied loose to avoid unstable and inefficient stacking of the elements

overtec Brüstung mit abgesetzter Abdeckplatte

overtec with offset cover plate. When it comes to height, every centimeter often counts. By lowering the overtec cover plate, the design point for the building height is moved downwards by a few centimeters. The cover plate sits in a milled groove. The screws are screwed from the inside through the parapet plate into the end wood of the cover plate. For this purpose, holes are pre-drilled through the parapet. The offset cover plate can be combined with all overtec variants

overtec parapet with offset cover plate and attached cover plate

overtec with offset cover plate and cover plate for internal drainage. This special variant comes into play if the upper cover plate on the parapet is supposed to drain inwards. This is e.g. This is the case if a glass railing is installed on the outside between the offset cover plate and the upper cover plate.

Sondervarianten 25