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Das overtec Hybrid Parapet

Actually it's a shame to dress up overtec. Welcome overtec Hybrid Parapet.


overtec Hybrid Parapet einbetoniert

is a single-shell parapet with a permanent fall protection function, which is concreted into the concrete ceiling.

The elements can have additional structures such as a metal railing. overtec either remains uncoated or is painted on site.



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EPD Certified

Parapet on concrete ceiling

The overtec visible parapet is the perfect interface between visual appeal and efficiency as well as reducing complexity in the construction process. By combining several trades into a finished product, interface losses are avoided. The OneBit screw was developed by overtec to suit the system. This is optimized and approved for the panel material according to EN13986:2004+A1:2015. The life cycle of an overtec is also recorded in the environmental declaration EPD and can be issued for your project.


We want planning and cost security.

A number of trades come together at overtec: a roofer, plumber, facade worker, sealer or even a metal worker. There are also other project participants: a builder, an architect or a structural engineer. Everyone has different requirements and questions for overtec. We have developed the 3D configurator to make coordination between various trades and project participants easier. This is intended to make interfaces visible and questions to be clarified before the planning phase is completed. This saves surprises on the construction site and ensures planning and cost security.

See here how overtec integrates into your building and identify important interfaces at an early stage.

Integrating balcony parapets into a building can be a challenge. Many trades are involved and good coordination is necessary. Our configurator helps to identify the interfaces and understand how they can be seamlessly integrated into the building. Whether during planning or completion, we accompany you every step of the way and offer solutions for your individual needs. With our configurator you are one step closer to your project. This avoids problems when integrating the balustrade on the balcony and ensures that the construction work runs smoothly.

Sehen Sie hier ein aufschlussreiches Projektbeispiel 48

Pictures of the overtec parapet say more than 1,000 words.

Here you can see how the largest overtec balcony balustrade is installed

The balustrade on the balcony can either be placed on the masonry and connected to it or supported on the outside. To ensure that the balustrades on the balcony are actually aligned parallel to each other, an alignment cord and green alignment dowels help. Each element is set up individually and installed towards the middle. A hand-held circular saw with a carbide saw blade is recommended for cutting the parapet. Care should be taken to ensure that the cover plate is attached immediately after installation. As soon as the ceiling is concrete, further balcony construction can take place. The professional installation and alignment of the balustrades on the balcony ensures an increased level of safety and stability.

Our detail library for minimal planning

Architects and planners looking for new options for balcony design can consider the parapet detail. This slim detail allows all important aspects to be taken into account, from sealing and insulation to sheet metal and facade, to create a perfectly planned balcony. The best part is that it offers an intuitive drag-and-drop feature that makes it easy to integrate into the plan and customize as you wish. Ask us about different file formats or download the information you need directly from The parapet detail is undoubtedly an ideal solution for the modern architect or planner. You can also find tender texts on

overtec Hybrid parapet Detail zum Einplanen als Balkongeländer

Watch the first 24/7 live stream of the overtec Hybrid Parapet.