Die overtec Brüstung

Are you looking for a simple and lightweight balcony railing?

These 3 advantages are obvious with overtec:


Die overtec Brüstung

More work steps cannot be combined into one product. A brief description of the invention:

The overtec balcony parapet consists of a wood cement panel (3a), which has one or more prefabricated millings. The material thickness is 40mm (t), with a standardized element length of 1.25m. The parapet height is individually adjusted to the required size. A metal post (2) rests in this plate milling. Overtec screws (7-2b’), which are approved according to ETA 22/0221, are used for the connection between the wood cement board and the metal stud. The parapet is usually erected vertically, in an extension of the outer edge of the wall. The parapet can either be designed as ceiling edge formwork (Figure 7) or screwed onto the solid ceiling (Figures 1 and 3). With the screwed-on variant, it is also possible to move the parapet outwards up to 15cm above the edge of the concrete ceiling, into the insulation level. This creates usable balcony space. A facade structure is installed on the outside of the parapet (2ba). The sealing and a plaster base are on the inside (2bc). A cover plate is attached to the top, analogous to the overtec attic.

Balkonbrüstung auf Betondecke oder Massivholzdecke aufgeschraubt im Schnitt

Attika Abbildung aus der Patentschrift.

Balkonbrüstung in die Betondecke einbetoniert

overtec Brüstung einbetoniert in die Betondecke.

Balkonbrüstung aufgeschraubt im Schrägriss

overtec Balkonbrüstung aufgeschraubt auf die Beton- oder Holzdecke.

An Austrian woman came to Germany. 5 years ago.

With the overtec balcony parapet you can fully utilize your balcony space and make more terrace space usable for your construction project. Our solid balustrades are slim and fit perfectly to every need, whether private or public and with or without railing attachments. You can customize them with handrails, stainless steel railings or glass railings and design them to your taste. Our products are optimized and statically tested to ensure maximum safety. They are also made to measure and enable efficient and time-saving installation with the help of languageless installation instructions and videos. If you are looking for a simple and effective solution for your balcony railings, contact us for advice.

The overtec Parapet statics.

Not just object-related, but tailored to the individual installation situation.

The interaction between plate, angle and screw is what matters. Together with the best structural engineers in Austria and Germany, we have programmed a calculation algorithm that delivers precise results for the object and product. A variety of individual influences are important in order to be able to check which product can be used. These are, for example: The sea level, the base wind speed pressure, the terrain category, the installation height in the building, the roof structure and thus the wind attack area on the overtec, the facade structure, the payloads of the terrace, the usage class, the molding value, the concrete quality and so on. Under certain circumstances, there may even be substantially different load zones and product utilization within one property.

Attika und Brüstung Statische Berechnung für das Bauprojekt
Auszug einer Statik für Attika, Brüstung und Balkongeländer. Beleuchtung der einzelnen Komponenten nach Festigkeit.

At first glance, a simple detail. Not at second glance. Two wood fiber boards that are to be connected to each other and meet certain conditions

It depends on the connection of the parapet

Attika Ansicht mit Verbindungsdübel sichtbar im Fokus

We have the solution:

Our alignment dowels in two formats for vertical parapets and parapets as well as horizontal cover plates.

Further advantages of the overtec parapet at a glance:

Custom-made products

Light weight

Quick installation

Fire confirmation

Statically tested

Years of experience

No thermal bridge

Frost Resistant

Languageless assembly tips for the parapet on paper

A well-designed system is only half the marathon. Error-free and professional application on the construction site brings us to our goal. In order to offer a well thought-out system, we only use approved screw material. In order to achieve the goal, we have packaged all screws in such a way that mix-ups and incorrect use can be ruled out.

Verlegeanleitung BL BM 5erGeneration-Kopie
Verlegeanleitung BL BM 5erGeneration-Kopie

If pictures are worth 1,000 words, how much do 1,000 pictures say in a short video?

The assembly instructions for your balcony parapet are not only available in paper form, but also as practical 60 second assembly videos. This is particularly useful when installing parapets, where it is important that the first three handles are in place. However, once this is accomplished, the rest of the setup becomes child's play. The videos are designed without language and are reduced to pure images, which largely eliminates difficulties in understanding. These videos show how an overtec balcony railing is installed on different surfaces in just 60 seconds - from the parapet to the concrete ceiling, ceiling formwork, in-situ concrete wall to sand-lime brick. We are committed to helping you successfully build your overtec balcony parapet, as this is the goal of our work.

EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Our material

Brandbeständiges overtec Material

Fire resistant

Schneefestes overtec Material

Frost resistant

Regen und Witterungsbeständiges overtec Material

Weather resistant

Kein Pilzbefall von overtecmaterial

Mold resistant

Kein Insektenbefall von overtec Material

No insect infestation

We proudly present:

A special material needs a special screw.

OneBit Logo der overtec Schraube

Our OneBit screw collection is designed to take the security of our system to the next level. All relevant technical data for structural engineers and engineering offices are documented in the ETA22-0221 registered by overtec. This makes overtec the only approved parapet and parapet system made of wood fiber panels.

ETA Logo für die overtec ETA der OneBit Schraube2

See our
Youtube video about it
OneBit screw collection

Foto der overtec OneBit Schraube

Accessories that are there. Accessories, with approval. Accessories that are used correctly.

A well-designed system is only half the marathon. Error-free and professional application on the construction site brings us to our goal. In order to offer a well thought-out system, we only use approved screw material. In order to achieve the goal, we have packaged all screws in such a way that mix-ups and incorrect use can be ruled out.

We answer your general question about parapets.

What is a balcony railing?

A parapet or balcony parapet is a structural barrier that runs along the edge of a balcony or terrace to prevent falls. It can be made of different materials, such as wood, wood cement, steel, aluminum or glass, and can have different designs and patterns to fit into the overall aesthetic look of the building. A parapet can also significantly shape the facade of a building and set visual accents. It is important to note the safety requirements for balustrades and railings to ensure they comply with local regulations.

What is the difference to an overtec parapet?

The overtec parapet is characterized by the fact that it is made from a single-shell, solid, 40mm thick wood cement board in accordance with EN13986:2004+A1:2015. The overtec parapet is attached vertically to the building using a metal stand in the foot area. This can be done via a concrete-encased or screwed-on connection. All metal parts are galvanized. The wood cement board is approved for use classes 1, 2 and 3 and can therefore remain open not only during the construction phase, but also permanently. The slim overtec parapet can save up to 63% in emissions. Other components that can also be reduced through weight reduction are not yet taken into account.

Which building regulations apply to a parapet in Austria?

Anyone planning a parapet or a parapet construction should be aware that it is safety-relevant and that the standards must therefore be strictly adhered to. Minimum fall heights and minimum impact loads must be observed. Depending on the application, the parapet height should be at least 1 meter and can be even higher depending on the installation height in the building. In addition, minimum impact loads of 0.5kN in private balcony areas and 1.0kN in public balcony areas must be accommodated. The use of the area plays an important role in the requirements for the parapet construction. For example, there may be additional requirements regarding impact loads or fire protection if it is an arcade, an escape route, or the like.

In which areas of the building can a parapet be used?

A parapet can be used both indoors and outdoors and often serves as a balcony or stair railing. When dimensioning the parapet, the position and intended use in the building are particularly important. An important question is whether there can be large gatherings of people near the balcony railing. Depending on the area of application, a distinction is made between arcades, staggered floors, escape routes, stair railings, private balconies and public balconies. It is essential to take both the static and the building physics aspects into account when planning parapets. This ensures that the parapet meets the requirements and ensures safe use.

What other requirements must be taken into account when planning a parapet?

In addition to static and building physics aspects, the parapet also plays a crucial role in the feeling of living and space. In a heavily populated area, an open parapet can lead to residents attaching an opaque tarpaulin to it, which affects the overall appearance and the architect’s planning idea. To avoid this, an optimal parapet construction is essential. It allows an unrestricted view in both standing and sitting positions while also providing privacy to protect residents’ privacy. A well-thought-out parapet can therefore make a significant contribution to ensuring that a living space is perceived positively.

What fire protection properties does the overtec parapet fulfill?

With fire behavior of A2 or B1, we deliver the parapet according to your requirements. Depending on the version, it can achieve a fire resistance of EI90. The panel tests at MPA Dresden prove that the material has a fire resistance of EI60 in the form of a 32mm panel and EI90 in the form of a 40mm panel. Overall, the overtec parapet is ideal for objects where special fire protection requirements must be met, especially in the area of arcades and staggered floors.

Is the material weather and frost resistant?

The overtec plate proves to be extremely durable and robust. It offers the best conditions, especially in terms of weather resistance and frost resistance. The material can not only remain freely weathered during the construction phase, but can even remain as a visible product in a freely weathered and uncoated form for decades.

Can I use an overtec parapet when renovating a balcony?

Yes. However, the choice of the suitable overtec variant depends on the scope of the structural measures. If you want to keep your concrete ceiling intact, a screwed-on parapet is best. However, if a new ceiling is to be poured, you can also consider a parapet embedded in concrete. No matter which option you choose, overtec offers a variety of balcony railings that can help you renovate your balcony.

Pictures of the overtec parapet say more than 1,000 words.

See three meaningful project examples in just a few seconds.

1) Parapet on the staggered floor:

Example Mannheim: The overtec balcony parapet is a special example from Baden-Würtemberg. The video shows how the parapet can create up to 35cm of space in the staggered floor thanks to the shifting of the elements outwards into the insulation level. The result is a larger balcony area for the lifelong resident. This innovative solution will certainly cause enthusiasm not only in Mannheim, but also among planners, architects and builders in other regions of Germany. Watch this video and see the benefits for your building project.

2) Parapet in the arcade:

Example: St. Mary's: An arcade places special demands on the parapet, as gatherings of people can occur in these areas. It is therefore important to ensure a high impact load of 1.0kN per linear meter. This requires particularly massive construction, as an example from Sankt Marien in Upper Austria shows. Especially in arcades that are also used as escape routes, increased fire protection requirements often have to be taken into account. If you are planning a project with an arcade, we are happy to work out the details with you.

3) From the shell to the sheet metal: This is how a parapet is constructed:

In this video you can follow the step-by-step construction of the overtec parapet. By finishing the elements on disposable pallets with a small cubage, more linear meters of parapet can be transported on a truck. A crane is not necessary for low elements, but it is necessary for higher ones. Elements can be cut to fit exactly where necessary. After concreting, the elements are sealed, the insulation and the wall covering are attached. If you plan for it, you can attach a stainless steel railing, a glass railing or a simple handrail to create more patio space.

Enter your headline here

Our library of planning details offers a wide range of applications for the overtec parapet. You can click through and discover the perfect use case for your project. Our experts will be happy to provide you with the appropriate detail in various formats such as DWG or as a 3D element in IFC or STEP. With this practical information you can adapt a stainless steel railing, a glass railing or a handrail to your needs and ensure your fall protection. In addition, the closed part of the parapet can also serve as a privacy screen on the balcony. If you have any questions about planning details for your project, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Your advantages with overtec at a glance

We are area maximum

overtec increases the balcony area by up to 35cm per linear meter. In this way, we create more usable space and get even more terrace space out of your property. Ideal for the project developer and also for the resident.

We are handle minimal

overtec counteracts the shortage of skilled workers by increasing the level of prefabrication. When setting it up, we analyzed every move and reduced it to a minimum. All steps are presented in languageless installation instructions and videos to ensure error-free installation.

We are environmentally certified

overtec uses up to 63% less emissions compared to conventional designs. And that's not all. By saving weight, other elements such as reinforcement, concrete thickness, ISO baskets and sheet metal thickness can also be saved.

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