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overtec Attika am Dach - aufgeschraubt

on concrete or wooden ceiling


overtec Attika aufgeschraubt

is a single-shell flat roof finish that is screwed onto a concrete or wooden ceiling.

Overtec as a screwed-on variant is placed on the hardened concrete or on the wooden ceiling after the ceiling has been concreted and connected in a force-fitting manner. As a rule, the elements have to be moved by hand with two people.



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EPD certified

The attic on the roof. In Germany since 2020.

Location-specific for your project and every attic installation situation.

Attika am Dach

The overtec Attika screwed on is the original on the market and is produced in Austria. The OneBit screw was developed by overtec to suit the system. This is optimized and approved for the panel material according to EN13986:2004+A1:2015. Likewise, only one bit is required for construction, which is on top of each screw box. The elements are connected with an alignment system that can accommodate panel expansion. All steel components are hot-dip galvanized on all sides and are rust-proof. The life cycle of an overtec is also recorded in the environmental declaration EPD and can be issued for your project. Our languageless installation instructions and videos support quick, safe and professional installation, without any prior knowledge

Attika am Dach Design


Everything starts out easy: the first steps when moving. on e.g.: concrete ceiling


60sec Video


Test the configurator and get clarity about the integration of the parapet on the roof.

Our configurator is the ideal solution for anyone planning to build a flat roof with an attic. With our 3D animations, we accompany you step by step through the entire flat roof construction. This allows you to track the exact structure of your roof and identify important interfaces. In addition, an overview of the connection of the parapet to the roof is created for all subsequent trades involved. By clarifying details in advance, we can ensure that no unexpected questions or complications arise on a construction site. Our solution ensures that you receive an estimate of the cost of the parapet and we invite you to request a free and non-binding quote.

Watch the 60 second video about building an attic on the roof.

Our assembly videos are shown using a QR code on all customer-relevant documents that the team comes into contact with on the construction site. By carrying out just a few steps correctly, successful construction is ensured within the specified schedule.

Do you need to set an installation budget and need precise timing for installing an attic on the roof? Contact us and we will go over the exact project requirements with you.

Sehen Sie hier ein aufschlussreiches Projektbeispiel

Our Motto: As few steps as possible.

We recommend that you take precautions for installing the parapet during the concreting process on the flat roof. The wet concrete ceiling is removed in the edge area. After the concrete has hardened sufficiently, the parapet elements are placed on the flat roof in the corners, aligned and connected to each other with overtec OneBit screws. The concrete screws, which are also included in the accessories package, are used to connect to the flat roof. Any differences in height are compensated for with plastic support strips. As soon as the second corner piece is built, an orientation line with a chalk line is drawn for the other attic elements on the roof. The elements are placed one after the other and work towards the middle, using the green alignment dowels to align the parapet elements. The last parapet is cut to size to fill the gap and is attached to the neighboring elements with perforated panels. A hand-held circular saw with a carbide saw blade is used for this. After installing the parapet, the cover panels should be attached immediately.