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A warm welcome from me personally too.

Good customer contact has been our greatest concern since the beginning. Good customer relationships and an open ear for their challenges are the reason for our solid growth and the development of parapets, balcony railings and parapets. In the future, we will continue to build on a close relationship with our customers – rather with the people who stand behind it and are just as enthusiastic about overtec as we are.

Overtec didn’t come about overnight. Founded in 1978, the focus was on the insulation material trade for two decades. Around 2000, my father brought a prefabricated nesting element onto the market, which is still in high demand today. A good decade later, I came to overtec.

My dream has always been to build a company with which we can inspire people and exceed their expectations. We want to set new standards with our parapet on the flat roof, the balcony railing and the parapet.

Every day we do our best to achieve exactly that. If it doesn’t happen at any time, I’m always open to hearing from you.

Sebastian Hilscher – overtec

Markus Kathrein

Together we are overtec

About Overtec

The overtec team is divided into three locations: Production and an office in Attnang-Puchheim, another office in Vienna and a sales location in North Rhine-Westphalia. For our customers, we rely on personal proximity in sales to provide you with the best advice on parapets, balcony railings and parapets, while our back office is well digitally networked across our locations and handles your project professionally. We look forward to your inquiry and will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.

Our parapets and balcony railings are quality.
From Austria.

Paired with German engineering. We identify as a European company that has its roots and production location in Austria.

From there we grow into the European market with a focus on Germany. After a sales start in 2017, overtec Deutschland GmbH was founded in Munich in 2020. Different market conditions and normative regulations have meant that our product segment has been significantly influenced by both markets.

We are pleased to be working together with the best engineers and testing institutes in Austria and Germany to develop products for the construction industry. Two countries that are known worldwide in the construction industry for innovation, prefabrication and quality in construction.

What drives us


It’s a constant cycle. In the floor plan. In reality, it is a spiral going upwards. First, people become enthusiastic about a product or service. Enthusiasm only occurs when existing expectations are exceeded. Our drive is to exceed expectations and thereby inspire people. If this happens regularly, the enthusiasm will eventually turn into a new expectation. A new standard has been set. And what happens then?
A cycle that always starts again. The only difference is that the foundation of expectations has now been shifted upwards.

We see ourselves as part of the progress in the construction industry and want to actively work to raise the standards in the industry.
We have aligned our company structure to this cycle. Inspire people, exceed expectations and set new standards became amaze people, exceed expectations and set new standards.

mission here

The mission of overtec.

Through our innovations we want to exceed existing #expectations and thereby #inspire people. Until the
Expectations are permanently shifted upwards and innovations become a “new normal”. Then we have achieved our biggest goal: #setting new standards

Our mission: CO2 save on

The ecological footprint of our building products is recorded in the Environmental Product Decleration (EPD) and can be calculated for each product variant. We see it as our mission to make a difference towards sustainability. On the way there, the EPD represents the first important step: determining the emissions of our manufacturing process and then optimizing them in a targeted manner.

In order to give the topic more visibility, Sebastian Hilscher traveled with a cargo bike from Attnang-Puchheim to Frankfurt under the motto #WirAindRan to transport the last overtec element to the Timber Pioneer showcase project.

overtec_Stand Map-1

Our products:

Cement causes 7% of global CO2 emissions. And therefore more than the entire aviation industry. What we can do in the construction industry? For example, recording the emissions of products to make product comparisons possible and using alternative building materials. Concrete will certainly not disappear, but certain components can be reduced or emissions can be reduced through optimizations in the recipe.

Overtec produces 63% fewer emissions compared to conventional concrete parapet elements. Due to the slim design of the overtec elements, fewer emissions are emitted when compared to components. What is not yet taken into account is the massive weight savings achieved by overtec, which means that less material has to be used indirectly for other components. For example, ISO baskets can be dimensioned more easily and ceiling thicknesses of cantilevered balcony elements can be reduced, even eliminating the need for support elements.

Sebastian Hilscher rides his cargo bike from Attnang Puchheim to Frankfurt to deliver the last overtec. The aim of the campaign is to set an example and to highlight the reduced-emission construction of the pioneering Timber Pioneer project by UBM Development and overtec. The components from overtec fit perfectly into the planning concept of a wooden hybrid building.

Our answers to current trends

The shortage of skilled workers in construction continues to increase. In 2021, 67% of construction companies stated that the shortage of skilled workers has a significant impact on the development of their own company. In 2010 this figure was only 21%. In addition, 1/3 of all construction companies have problems integrating skilled workers into the company.
overtec is taking two options to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

  • 1. The amount of work on the construction site is reduced as more prefabrication takes place in the hall. Our motto #handgripminimalest has several meanings. With regard to the shortage of skilled workers in construction, it means thinking twice about every step that is necessary on the construction site. Can we save a bit change? Can we save on tools? Can we do without aids such as electricity, cable drums, etc.?
  • 2. Work on the construction site is kept as simple, easy and uncomplicated as possible. This improves working conditions and reduces the demands on the level of training. Can we label instructions and accessories sufficiently well so that steps do not have to be done twice? Is our product designed to be “fail-proof”?

Initiatives based on our motto #handgripminimalest
+ Development of the OneBit screw. No more bit changing.
+ Connection of the overtec elements via connecting dowels. No use of electricity.
+ optimal marking of the accessory material and understandable instructions. No double handles.
The need for explanation is as minimal as possible to avoid misunderstandings.

Our Answers to Current Trends

While 400,000 apartments are needed per year in Germany to meet demand, only 245,000 were built in 2022. At the same time, most apartments were built in cities with fewer than 100,000 inhabitants. However, the greatest influx and demand is in large cities. Why is housing construction lagging behind in cities?
Available plots of land are often small and difficult to build on. Property boundaries, distances to neighboring buildings and maximum building heights pass on major tasks to planners and architects. Even in multi-story residential buildings, every cm often counts.
overtec is taking two options to counteract the shortage of living space.

  • 1. Slim parapets for more terrace or living space. With overtec, terrace areas can be converted sometimes 35cm larger compared to conventionally manufactured parapet constructions. This leaves either more terrace space, or a shift in the masonry for more living space. Besides the fact, The existing space can be used much better to create new architectural possibilities.
  • 2. Offset cover plates for maximum installation height. Every cm counts when it comes to height. The overtec The cover plate usually forms the highest design point of the construction height. By reducing these Cover plate, about 25cm more height can be hollowed out.

If we looked at a building as a machine…

…, then we would install parts that are lighter, require less material and work more efficiently. In a gasoline engine, every component, right down to the last one, is energy-optimized. Why not in a building? overtec emits 63% fewer emissions during production and uses less energy over the entire life of the building.

The heat calculation shows: A concrete attic is also heated compared to overtec. In the illustration on the left, significantly more material is obviously required. The concrete element, which is around 4-8 times as thick, requires, in addition to the reinforcing iron, insulation that is placed around the component. The construction means that the attic is heated and cooled at the same time. When looking at the overtec element, it is noticeable that there is no internal insulation and that the heated and cooled elements are limited to the wall and the ceiling.

If saving energy is our responsibility, energy production could become our hobby.

Voluntary in some countries, mandatory in others: the photovoltaic system on the roof. overtec increases the roof area by up to 35cm per linear meter. On a roof with a 100m surrounding attic, 35m2 more usable roof area is created. Depending on usage From 35m2 Our elements not only help with our responsibility to save energy, but also create more space for generating energy.

EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Our material

Brandbeständiges overtec Material

Fire resistant

Schneefestes overtec Material

Frost resistant

Regen und Witterungsbeständiges overtec Material

Weather resistant

Kein Pilzbefall von overtecmaterial

Mold resistant

Kein Insektenbefall von overtec Material

No insect infestation

No wood and no concrete. Wood concrete.

A chaotically sorted wood fiber mixture which is pressed and dried at 300 bar.

The mixture consists of fine wood particles, cement, water and hydration additives. While the wood particles serve as reinforcement and provide properties such as easy workability and high elasticity, the cement content ensures weather resistance and high compressive strength. The basic technical properties are anchored in EN 13986:2004+A1:2015, while the values actually achieved are usually significantly higher.


Hydration supplements

Safety data sheets, performance declarations,
Fire safety tests are available upon request.

We proudly present:

A special material needs a special screw.

OneBit Logo der overtec Schraube

Our OneBit screw collection is designed to take the security of our system to the next level. All relevant technical data for structural engineers and engineering offices are documented in ETA22-0221 registered by overtec. This makes overtec the only approved parapet and parapet system made of wood fiber boards.

See our
Youtube video about it
OneBit screw collection

Foto der overtec OneBit Schraube

Accessories that are there. Accessories, with approval. Accessories that are used correctly.

A well-designed system is only half the marathon. Error-free and professional application on the construction site brings us to our goal. In order to offer a well thought-out system, we only use approved screw material. In order to achieve the goal, we have packaged all screws in such a way that mix-ups and incorrect use can be ruled out.