The overtec Attica

Are you looking for an alternative solution for an attic?

The 3 biggest advantages are obvious with overtec:


The Attica explained.

So simple that anyone could have invented it. Nevertheless, we were the first.

Overtec consists of a single-shell, weather-resistant wood cement board (3), usually two metal angles (4b), which rest in a milling on the outside (11) and a parapet cover plate (17). The attic is placed vertically, as an extension of the outer edge of the wall (5b). It sits either directly on the wall (5b) or on the already concrete ceiling (9). While the parapet plate (3) is between 30mm and 40mm thick, the cover plate (17) is between 24 and 32mm thick. All steel angles (4b) are weather-resistant, hot-dip galvanized. To the outside, the parapet plate (3) forms the base for the facade structure (12) and to the inside the base for the sealing (20). The parapet sheet is attached to the cover plate (17) on the top side (16).

This type of attic reduces material and saves weight. This benefits CO2 emissions and increases the roof area. Thanks to the single-shell construction, it can be installed in just a few steps and saves valuable working time.

Attika Konstruktion von Vorne und hinten, technische Darstellung
Attika Schnitt durch einen Dachrandabschluss
Attika Abbildung aus unserer Patentschrift.

The overtec
Object statics for the Attika.

Location-specific for your project and every Attika installation situation.

The interaction between plate, angle and screw is what matters. Together with the best structural engineers in Austria and Germany, we have programmed a calculation algorithm that delivers precise results for the object and product. A variety of individual influences are important in order to be able to check which product can be used. These are, for example: the sea level, the base wind speed pressure, the terrain category, the installation height in the building, the roof structure and thus the wind attack area on the overtec, the facade structure, the payloads of the terrace, the usage class, the molding value, the concrete quality and so on. Under certain circumstances, there may even be substantially different load zones and product utilization within one property.

Attika und Brüstung Statische Berechnung für das Bauprojekt
Auszug einer Statik für Attika, Brüstung und Balkongeländer. Beleuchtung der einzelnen Komponenten nach Festigkeit.

At first glance, a simple detail. Not at second glance. Two wood fiber boards that are to be connected to each other and meet certain conditions

What matters is the connection between the Attika

Attika Ansicht mit Verbindungsdübel sichtbar im Fokus

We have the solution:

Our alignment dowels in two formats for vertical parapets and parapets as well as horizontal cover plates.

Further advantages of the overtec Attika at a glance:

Custom-made products

Light weight

Quick installation

Fire confirmation

Statically tested

Years of experience

No thermal bridge

Frost resistant

Languageless Attika assembly instructions on paper

A well-designed system is only half the marathon. Error-free and professional application on the construction site brings us to our goal. In order to offer a well thought-out system, we only use approved screw material. In order to achieve the goal, we have packaged all screws in such a way that mix-ups and incorrect use can be ruled out.

Attika Montageanleitung Betondecke Seite 1
Attika Montageanleitung Betondecke Seite 2
Attika Montageanleitung auf Betonmauer Seite 1
Attika Montageanleitung auf Betonmauer Seite 2
Attika Montageanleitung auf Deckenschalung Seite 1
Attika Montageanleitung auf Deckenschalung Seite 2
Attika Montageanleitung auf Kalksandstein Seite 1
Attika Montageanleitung auf Kalksandstein Seite 2
Attika Montageanleitung auf Ziegelmauer Seite 2
Attika Montageanleitung auf Ziegelmauer Seite 1

Languageless Attika assembly instructions on video

Scanned once and got it right the first time. In addition to the installation instructions, there is a maximum 60 second assembly video for each product. Every important step is clear and we ensure quality workmanship on your construction site. Because: overtec is only as good as the application works on the construction site. We want to make this run smoothly with our instructions, videos and the accessories described.

EN 13986:2004+A1:2015

Our Material

Brandbeständiges overtec Material

Fire Resistant

Schneefestes overtec Material

Frost Resistant

Regen und Witterungsbeständiges overtec Material

Weather Resistant

Kein Pilzbefall von overtecmaterial

Mold Resistant

Kein Insektenbefall von overtec Material

No Insect Infestation

Mit Stolz präsentieren wir:

A special material needs a special screw.

OneBit Logo der overtec Schraube

Our OneBit screw collection is designed to take the security of our system to the next level. All relevant technical data for structural engineers and engineering offices are documented in ETA22-0221 registered by overtec. This makes overtec the only approved parapet and parapet system made of wood fiber boards.

See our
Youtube video about it
OneBit screw collection

Foto der overtec OneBit Schraube

Accessories that are there. Accessories, with approval. Accessories that are used correctly.

A well-designed system is only half the marathon. Error-free and professional application on the construction site brings us to our goal. In order to offer a well thought-out system, we only use approved screw material. In order to achieve the goal, we have packaged all screws in such a way that mix-ups and incorrect use can be ruled out.

The 8 advantages of our overtec attic

You will receive your attic made to measure

The overtec parapet on the flat roof is the perfect solution for architects and construction companies who want a prefabricated product. The dimensions are extremely precise: the height is specified by the customer in centimeters and the length of the elements is standardized at 125 cm to ensure maximum accuracy. Furthermore, the panels can be easily adjusted on site using a hand-held circular saw with a carbide saw blade.

You save material and weight on the parapet

The weight per square meter is between 40 and 50 kilograms – while other reinforced concrete products usually weigh 400-600 kilograms per square meter. Because of the lighter weight, architects and construction teams can also reduce the use of other materials such as rebar and ISO baskets while maintaining an intact ceiling structure.

The attic is assembled in just a few steps

The overtec Attika is a particularly quick and efficient solution. This is due to several characteristics: The optimal labeling of the pallets ensures that the material is unloaded straight away at its destination. In addition, language-free installation instructions are included with every delivery. 60-second explanatory videos that explain every step can be accessed via QR code. The included accessories are also optimally labeled and packaged to virtually rule out misuse. With the overtec Attika, quick and professional installation on the flat roof is guaranteed.

The parapet meets fire protection requirements B1 or A2

With the fire behavior of A2 or B1, we deliver the parapet on the roof according to your requirements. Depending on the version, it can achieve a fire resistance of EI90. The panel tests at MPA Dresden prove that the material has a fire resistance of EI60 in the form of a 32mm panel and even EI90 in the form of a 40mm panel. Overall, the overtec attic is ideal for properties where special fire protection requirements must be met.

We measure your parapet individually to suit your project

A static test is carried out every time the overtec attic is planned to ensure that the attic meets the requirements of the building regulations and the LBO. The individual statics contain important object-specific information such as the postal code, the elevation, the wind load and the installation height in the building as well as the roof structure. We provide you with this information in the form of a PDF printout so that you can ensure that the attic design you have requested meets the necessary and property-specific requirements. With the overtec Attika you are on the safe side.

No attic thermal bridge due to the wood content

Thermal bridges are a significant problem in flat roof areas, especially in connection with the attic thermal bridge. A reinforced concrete attic usually requires either thermal separation or full-circle insulation. However, this step is not necessary with the overtec Attika, as the Attika thermal bridge is so small that complete internal insulation is not necessary. Our test reports, which were carried out using the 2D and 3D methods, will convince you of the effectiveness of our solutions.

The attic is weather and frost resistant

The overtec plate proves to be extremely durable and robust. It offers the best conditions, especially in terms of weather resistance and frost resistance. The material can not only remain freely weathered during the construction phase, but can even remain as a visible product in a freely weathered and uncoated form for decades.

overtec hat über 40 Jahre Erfahrung am Markt

As an expert in the flat roof sector, overtec looks back on an impressive experience of around 4 decades. The company has expanded its expertise over the past 10 years, particularly in the attic area. This many years of experience has not only brought overtec a lot of knowledge and numerous learning effects, but also given it the opportunity to continuously optimize its processes. The company’s know-how not only flows into each of its products, but also manifests itself in a convincing overall experience that delights customers.

The most important options, functions and properties of our Attika roof edge covers

Whether architect, builder, construction company or structural engineer and civil engineer: with us you will always find the right contact person when it comes to the parapet.

Please also take a look at our download area.

The right attic for architects

Clear aesthetics and slim design: Due to its narrow design, our attic provides space on the roof surface, which in turn opens up more design options for flat roofs for you as an architect. The special combination of feel and look of our parapet is unique in the construction industry. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with construction drawings of the parapet in DWG or PDF format.


The right attic for construction companies

The lightweight design of the parapet is also reflected in the price. Nevertheless, all static requirements are of course met. We ensure this by working with the well-known statics office Hollinsky & Partner, and the parapet has also been adequately tested by testing institutes such as the TU Vienna or the LGA Würzburg. Equally important for builders: the parapet is designed for long-term use - even under the toughest conditions - through the use of high-quality materials.


The right attic for builders

Since we placed great emphasis on easy handling in addition to perfect functionality during development, our slim attic is easy to assemble. This saves you valuable time that can be used sensibly elsewhere. Depending on the construction and design, the parapet can be attached to different surfaces. The elements are stacked as compactly as possible. This means that with one lift you have more material on the roof and require fewer actions.


The right attic for structural engineers and civil engineers

The low weight enables savings potential in the areas of reinforcement, Isokorb dimensioning and even the elimination of columns. We work with the best statics offices and testing institutes, including Hollinsky and Partner, TU Vienna, LGA Würzburg, MA39. Each building project receives an individual calculation based on the location, the building height and building class, the regional wind loads of the applicable usage classes and other characteristics. Every Attica offer is preceded by positive statics.


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