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overtec GmbH – headquarters

Salzburger Straße 101‭, 4800 Attnang-Puchheim

overtec parapet screwed on at the front

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Overtec parapet 5 screwed on at the front

consists of a vertical, 40mm narrow wooden hybrid panel which is screwed to a concrete ceiling via two metal brackets in the foot area.

overtec as a subsequently screwed-on variant has the significant advantage that the entire parapet or individual parapet segments can be flexibly assembled at a later date. This leaves space for material to be fed into the building interior. After the interior work, the parapet gaps can be closed.


EPD Zertifiziert

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Here you can see how the minimal overtec parapet is installed with or without anchor rails.

brustung 23


Everything starts out easy: the first steps when moving the parapet.

Parapet on precast concrete with inserted anchor rails

60sec Video

Parapet attached to precast concrete element using concrete screws

60sec Video