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Overtec Attika for Direct Plastering

overtec is suitable for direct plastering. For this special application, a diffusion coating is applied to both sides. An asymmetrical coating, for example plastering, can then be carried out. Please note the plastering instructions and find out whether the product is available in your region

Overtec Attika in the butt joint between buildings

Ein zweifaches overtec für Stoßfugen und Brandabschnitte. Wo zwei Gebäudeteile aufeinandertreffen, die durch eine Stoßfuge oder Brandabschnitte getrennt voneinander gebaut werden, kommt ein zweifache overtec Ausführung zur Anwendung. Diese ist als aufgeschraubte, sowie als einbetonierte Variante ausführbar. Die Abdeckplatten stoßen jeweils in der Mitte der Gebäudefuge aufeinander

Overtec Attika with offset cover plate

overtec with offset cover plate. When it comes to height, every centimeter often counts. By lowering the overtec cover plate, the design point for the building height is moved downwards by a few centimeters. The cover plate sits in a milled groove. The screws are screwed from the inside through the parapet plate into the end wood of the cover plate. For this purpose, holes are pre-drilled through the parapet. The offset cover plate can be combined with all overtec variants

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Overtec Attika with offset cover plate and attached cover plate

overtec with offset cover plate and cover plate for internal drainage. This special variant comes into play if, from a building physics perspective, internal insulation is to be installed on the overtec. The upper cover plate drains towards the inside of the roof, while the offset cover plate drains in the opposite direction

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